Content Marketing Strategy for SMBs and Professionals

Content Marketing StrategyContent marketing offers many benefits to SMBs:

  • Establishes thought-leadership
  • Enhances organic SEO
  • Increases inbound links
  • Provides opportunities for lead acquisition

However, planning a successful content marketing strategy requires moving past potential benefits for your company. To have the greatest impact, you must focus on the benefits to your target audience.

This means creating content that:

  • Is engaging and insightful
  • Offers opportunities to share knowledge
  • Is of practical and immediate use
  • Can be used to evaluate options and make decisions

As potential customers move through the conversion cycle, they require different types of content. Here’s an example:

An informative ebook is useful to potential customers who are in the early stages of research and evaluation, while a case study illustrating the results you offer your customers is more useful to a potential customer who is ready to make a purchase in the near future.

Of course, if you service multiple industries or have several products and/or services, your content requirements encompass the needs of all of these potential customers.

Get a Focused Content Marketing Strategy for Better Results

Sound complicated? It can be, but that’s where I come in.

When you hire me to help with your content marketing strategy, I work with you to come up with an actionable plan that targets your immediate needs, so that you spend the most time on the options that will earn you the best immediate returns.

That means I take the time to understand your business, your unique value proposition (UVP), and your target customers. If need be, I can also help you to define/refine your UVP to ensure that your content marketing is focused on your ideal customer – the ones most likely to convert.

Your content marketing strategy will include:

  • Customer/Lead Profile(s) – a full write-up of your target demographic along with insights to help you focus your copy on what matters most to your prospects
  • Recommended Keywords to Target – a list of keyword phrases to help you target the right leads, whether through SEO or SEM
  • Suggested Topics for Blog Posts – a list of engaging topics and blog post titles to give you a solid starting point for your blog or social media posts
  • Recommended Social Media Sites to Target – based on the customer/lead profile, I provide your top three social media sites to help you focus your message
  • Recommended Metrics to Track – a list of the metrics you should track for all content marketing initiatives and what they tell you about performance

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed with content marketing is to have a good foundation and a solid roadmap for success. Let’s talk about how I can help your business achieve both – just fill out the quick contact form below and let me know what you need. I respond to all email inquiries the same business day when the email is received before 6 PM Central (and sometimes even if it’s after 6 PM).

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